Monday, August 31, 2009

Shred this...

I made this video for Truth in Shredding which is a guitar-centric web site run by a fellow named Laurie Monk. It's for a guitar contest called "Shred this..." where a bunch of guys (and girls) play over a simple backing track and strut their stuff. The winner gets some kind of prize and bragging rights... maybe even a trophy!? lol ;) Actually, it's really mostly about networking, but it's a fun idea anyway.

I've never entered a talent contest before for a plethora of reasons... so I looked at it as more of a challenge than a competition. Being involved with a community of guitarists seemed like a nice idea and I thought 'well, if I'm so cool I should be able to do this'... I also thought it would be a good way to launch my new youtube channel, or at least have something up on it for now anyway (, so here it is, shred this....

My real goal was to see if I could make some kind of video with the limited means available to me... i/e no video camera, so I rigged up a webcam and gave it a go. Some of the other entries are obviously overdubbed or punched in and that's not *truth* in shredding as I see it, but I don't think there are actually any rules. I just plugged into my little Fender Champ and played straight thru, so it is what it is... me & my guitar in the wee hours, a little buzzed, and tired of dicking around with computers. But I had to make the deadline! Yes, I'm something of a slacker... if it wasn't for the last minute nothing would get done.

As for shredding... I never really liked that term but have come to accept it in the vernacular. There are some interesting entries from what I've seen, then a slew of Satri-vai-howe type stuff. Pretty much what I think of when I hear the word shredding. I prefer a more natural stream of consciousness 'I-don't-practice-scales-all-day' kind of playing and was never big on two hand tapping, or what Frank Zappa referred to as "stunt guitar". I also like a more natural guitar sound with just a bit of tube grit and a touch of reverb. I just play a guitar like it was originally meant to be played... old skool. It is interesting to note I didn't see many other Gibson players. Mostly Ibanez & Strats.

Anyway, it's a cool website with lots of guitar info, news, links, and players. The Shred This Competition is a good clean fun way to draw some attention to the site, so check it out.

ps1: Bb at the end of the video refers to the key of B-flat, *not* a guitar friendly key. That might explain the dodgy bits. :P

ps2: thanks to Cheryl the flute mistress for inspiring the webcam idea and posting often enough to get me off my butt.

ps3: if anyone wants to donate a digital video camera you'd see a lot more video from me! Seriously... just a thought. :)