Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Session work

A few months ago I mentioned on the Mastermind blog I was up for for some studio collaborations. Studio production and recording is my day job so to speak, and outside of Mastermind I must've recorded and mixed a thousand bands in various studios including my own over the past few decades. Now with the internet it's possible to work with people in distant places, so being somewhat behind the bleeding edge I am just now getting 'round to that sort of thing. Hooray for the interwebs! Here are some projects I've worked on recently...

First up, a guitar solo I did for keyboard wiz kid Fab Muratori in Italy, aka Fab Shiver, on his tune called Streams. A nice mellow, new agey track, but with some smokin' soloing from both myself and Fab... a little bit in the vein of Mastermind's Excelsior! perhaps. That may sound contradictory, but somehow it works. I like it and hope to be working with Fab again in the future. Go have a listen.

I just finished some mixing, editing, and guitar work for Luna Jade, a fantastic female singer in Florida. Here she's posted some preview clips of her tune called A Symphony of Angels as mixed by yours truly. The editing involved was simply shortening and extending the track for radio or DJ use, but the composition and music is all Luna. I added some rhythm guitar as I heard it and a bit of a solo on the extended mix which turned out really nice. A fantastic tune, did I mention Luna can really sing? Go check her out.

Currently I'm working on a few tracks for other artists (along with my own music) and I'll post links when they become available. If you would like to have me mix, master, produce, or play on one of your projects, get in touch and let's see what we can work out. My fees are quite reasonable and I enjoy taking on an interesting challenge.