Monday, March 30, 2009

Aries - new beginnings

What do you know, today is Eric Clapton's 65th birthday. I suppose when I was a kid the thought of Eric (and the other musical icons of the day) being 65 year old men never crossed my mind. Yet here we are. Clapton is an Aries which really seems to define him in many ways. The word associated with Aries is "self" and judging from the Aries folk I have known, self is certainly what seems to preoccupy their thoughts and actions. Hmm... oddly, this fire sign is considered highly compatible with another fire sign, Sagittarius... which is me! So Eric, you wanna jam sometime? That would be fun.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and a "cardinal" sign (from the Latin 'hinge') marking the beginning of the new Zodiac year. I was thinking about this not because of Eric, but because the particular dates of March 31st - April 1st in Aries have marked the beginnings, and sometimes the end, of some significant events & relationships in my life. Without going into the sordid details of past events, this struck me today because just last night I finished mixing the final track of my forthcoming instrumental guitar solo album. This is definitely a significant hinge event as I see it. Something totally new!

Of course from finishing a recording to getting it released as a product takes some time and when we move into the next season of earthy Taurus that's when the grunt work will take place I imagine. So hang on just a while longer and let's see if I can't get this thing released fairly quickly. I am quite pleased with the results! It's been a while since I've spewed forth any brand new music. Now it's on to design & packaging. Also, now this little project of mine is wrapping up I can start focusing on new Mastermind. New beginnings indeed.

Oh... and happy birthday Eric!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yet another blog page...

Hi folks! Read the about me section here to get an idea why I have started this blog page. Sure I have plenty of other places to sound off, the Mastermind blog, MySpace, Facebook, but here I can just sort of pontificate without the mental noise of so many people in my head... not that I don't love them all! But it gets to be overwhelming at times so this is my quiet place. Also, I don't have to do any maintenance on this thing which makes it a lot easier to deal with. Anyway....

I have been working on some instrumental guitar music that will soon manifest itself as a solo album, so here is where I will be discussing that along with other music & guitar tidbits as they come to me. Not that I am all that interesting or that my imaginary audience really cares at this point, but sometimes just blurting it out (i/e blogging) helps me sort things out in my own mind. Considering the gazillion blogs out there another one probably won't hurt anything. :)