Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stayin' alive!

Without a doubt playing music is what keeps me alive, and not doing it... put me in the hospital. Seriously. Between everyone's schedules, work and other obligations my plugged in time in real time has been severely limited the last couple of months and sitting at the PC recording bits alone is NOT the same thing at all.

I jammed out a couple nights this week and I feel f*cking great! It's a rejuvenating tonic of the highest potency. So my immediate goals are to get all this media stuff done ASAP. All of it, from recording to mixing to editing video to laying out album art, all of it is more sitting sitting sitting at the computer and THAT my friends, will kill you. Or it will me anyway. I gotta get his stuff done, turn OFF the pc's, grab a guitar and turn it up to eleven. If I can't get my people to do it, I am heading out to find more people to play with... so towards that end I am game for anything interesting anyone may propose that will keep me plugged in and playing. Get in touch!

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