Friday, May 1, 2009

On the death of excitement

No that this has much to do with music, but when I heard of GM discontinuing the Pontiac brand I was a little sad. I suppose it is a reflection of our times, the recent Pontiac line had nothing to do with the original concept... GTO, Grand Prix, Trans Am, etc. In the 60's Pontiac built - quoting Pontiac ad man Jim Wagner - "excitement!"

Excitement indeed! I learned how to drive on my parents '67 LeMans Sprint Six and let me tell you something, that was a real automobile!! A straight 6 OHC with four on the floor, this was the little brother to the mighty GTO and made my teen years something to remember!

[ 1967 Pontiac LeMans Sprint ]

Wagner goes on to say "all these little boys in men’s jobs come along, and come up with insanely stupid ‘G’ names" ... and a product that had little or nothing to do with the original idea. So another bit of inspired history disappears into the mega-profit (and loss) world of 21st Century capitalism. I will always have my memories.

I suppose this does relate to music in a way... with real rock 'n' roll having been absorbed by multinational mega corporations decades ago and made for MTV marketing, where is the excitement in new music? If you have a clue I wish you would give me a hint. Just like the new cars being made today, excitement has been mass produced into everything is the same bland tasteless disposable nothingness.


  1. Can't do a thing about Pontiac (end of an era! Although, as you pointed out, the era in mind actually ended a long time ago) but you know as well as I do where the excitement of new music has gone: everywhere but commercial "rock music." You gotta go beyond the local chain store to get stuff that is still exciting. Or at least you have to do so around HERE. New Jersey may be different. Har de har har.

  2. You know what's ironic, Bill? I recently got a cheap used Pontiac Grand Am GT 1999. I'm about to pay for its insurance so I can finally drive it. And, upon hearing the discontinuing news, I was wondering how it affects me.

  3. I was sad too when I read the news about Pontiac's finishing up. I know nothing about the recent Pontiac's. My father had a Pontiac Grand Am (grey colour) from around 1974 to 1978. It was an awesome looking car.....with the "rubber" front & powerful too. I used to drive it from time to time. The really important thing for usa vehicles was the conversion from right hand drive to left hand drive. It was usually done locally (in Australia). If it was done well the vehicle was top notch. If it wasn't done well...the vehicle was a bit so/so. The Grand Am wasn't converted that well....pity, however, it was still a great car. The cars from recent times are SO BLAND. Bring back the early 1960's cars !! Cheers Bill, Regards, Chris.