Saturday, May 9, 2009

In the hospital

Friday morning around 9:30AM my heart began racing then went into Atrial fibrillation... those who know me know this has happened before, but this time the speed of the heartbeat freaked me out so I called 911 and an ambulance took me to Virtua Memorial where I still am.

After I got some sleep the A-fib stopped... now I am waiting for a cardiac evaluation then OUT of here I hope. I wanted to go see Dave Larue last night but missed that... I can't remember any of my other passwords like Twitter etc, and can't see the screen here as it's halfway across the room with small fonts! But wanted to let people know where I disappeared to.... I have my cell on me if you want to call. Will report back when I get out.


  1. Ok it is now Sunday and I am still here... waiting till Monday so they can give me a cardiac stress test but so far, nothing wrong with me. Echo cardiogram looks good, BP ok, pulse OK. Like I said before, after some sleep my A-fib reset itself by 1AM Saturday.

    Anyhow... seems the test giving people don't wpork on weekends so hear I sit bored to tears. Great. Actually Tracy McShane did come visit me at 1am last night! I told them if they didn't let her in I was leaving... and heaven forbid, can't let that pay check walk! So that was cool. Once I am outta here I am going to have a lot to say about hospital policies.... more on that later. I just want out of here!

  2. Stress test result not good, coronary catheter test needed. Somewhat more intrusive. 15% chance no further action will be needed, or in other words, 85% chance angioplasty will be the next step. Wish me luck.

  3. Good Luck dude! You are in my thoughts!


    I wish all the best!

    Fab Muratori

  4. Can I email you? I am worried so much! Hope you get some good treatment and get back home soon. Janell

  5. I am home now doing ok. The coronary catheter showed some narrowing of one artery, but not too serious so no stint needed woohoo!! And, I got to see my heart in action... kinda weird. I'm going to see if I can get the DVD of that (seriously). So... A-fib cause still unknown but some meds should control it, we shall see. Everything looks normal. I am grateful for your concern and really appreciate your email & messages. I guess you get older shit happens.

    The hospital people were really good to me too, especially the nurses. They were a bit nazi-like in not allowing me to leave the floor but I guess their job is to make sure I didn't drop dead. Now I guess I should memorize all my passwords. :)

  6. I'm glad that you are at home now


  7. Thanks :) My spelling & grammar was affected by the various drugs they pumped into me it seems. A hefty dose of beta blocker will space you right out! Anyway home again and all is well.